Double achievement for Rob at Window Ware

19 May 2021

Rob Vaughan

2021 is a milestone year for Rob Vaughan as he celebrates 15 years with the leading hardware distributor, Window Ware – AND a promotion to Product Manager.

His new role marks the culmination of a 15-year journey of growth and personal development, made possible by Window Ware’s commitment to developing the most talented team in the industry.

In fact, continually building the capabilities and expertise of employees is a key strategy for every company like Window Ware which belong to the Arran Isle Group - led by the belief that a strong, customer-focussed workforce takes better care of customers. Rob’s career progression is just one of many success stories to come out of this ongoing dedication to staff development.

Rob first joined Window Ware in 2006 working in the Goods-in department. Following his career dream of becoming a website designer, he left briefly and returned to his former job working as a chef while he trained in web design. Just six months later, however, he was back at Window Ware as technical assistant and keen to gain experience of working in an office environment. The rest, as they say, is history and Rob has thrived at Window Ware ever since. 

“As Technical Assistant, I worked on a range of projects led by the Technical Manager. My main responsibility was providing crucial product and technical support directly to our customer base, but also to our area sales managers out on the road. I essentially provided a helpdesk function. That meant, I had to know the products inside out – which included the brand-new ranges coming in, as well as our existing hardware offering – and be able to advise on their proper application and fitting. It was also important I had a thorough understanding of all the regulations governing the fenestration industry so I could specify products to meet customer requirements,” explained Rob.

Thanks to the support, training and development provided by the Window Ware team, Rob climbed the career ladder to Technical Manager.  Then, at the start of 2021, he was promoted to Product Manager.

“My job has undoubtedly evolved over the years. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and learn from some brilliant people, such as our Commercial Director Richard Bryant, who is totally tuned in to the way the industry is moving.  Together, we brought in new ranges to match market needs. It was during this product onboarding process, and by visiting fabricators across the country, and through the strong relationships we have with our brand partners that I really got to expand my product knowledge and build my understanding of how the hardware is used to become an expert in my field,” said Rob.

“I like dealing both with the product and the people side of things; I can visualise the product lines and know instinctively which ones will help each customer best.  I enjoy finding them the perfect solution, no matter how challenging!”

“Communication is a key aspect of my role; I have to work cross-departmentally to make things happen, so having a friendly and open team is hugely helpful when it comes to coordinating efforts and actioning plans.

“Knowing I’ve worked my way up to earn the respect and recognition of my colleagues makes my new role all the more gratifying.”

Richard Bryant, Window Ware’s Commercial Director, said, “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Rob for the past 15 years and supporting his career development within Window Ware. Rob plays a pivotal role in managing our product range and providing first-class technical support, and I look forward to the next stage of his journey as product manager.”

Sam Nuckey, Window Ware’s MD, said, “Rob has been a real asset to Window Ware during his incredible 15-year stint and it’s great to see him step into his new role as product manager. Our team contributes massively to our success and, with our product range expanding all the time, Rob has a vital role to play within our organisation to help drive the business forward with unrivalled customer service and focus.”

Rob adds, “Having the right hardware range for our customers is crucial.  We must work closely with our brand partners to introduce new and innovative products capable of always meeting shifting market demand.  As a leading hardware distributor, this is something we do incredibly well.  Change is inevitable, but I’m ready to embrace it because I’ve got a dynamic team to back me up, made up of individuals who, over the years, I’ve watched grow and flourish right alongside the business.”

Unusually high demand for hardware coupled with supply disruptions have made for a challenging year for Window Ware, but Rob has seen first-hand how the company has managed to step up and adapt.

“The industry is thriving, and we’ve experienced some of our busiest sales months ever. Despite the relentless pace and the increased pressure on stock levels, we’re continuing to support our customers with a combination of great customer service and complete honesty. That means, whenever we can’t fulfil an order because a product is out of stock, we’ll let the customer know straight away and offer an alternative solution if they can’t wait.”

“It’s great that business is booming and, over the last 6 months or so, we’ve proven we can increase our capacity to meet this heightened demand. So, for as long as the upturn continues, bring it on!”, declares Rob.”