Window Ware's New Year predictions

6 January 2022

It's early days yet, but all market indicators suggest that our industry should see a strong start to 2022.

Increased demand for hardware will continue whilst home improvements remain a priority for many householders and consumers continue to work from home and remain cautious around other spending options. It certainly doesn’t look like demand will drop off dramatically but rather slow once the market sees a consistent reduction in inbound homeowner enquiries.

The global supply chain will continue to feel the squeeze for sometime, as demand continues to outstrip supply and logistics and environmental factors provide ongoing challenges. That makes communication and transparency all the more critical in managing expectations, meeting deadlines and keeping our customers and partners happy across the business.

With many of our customers investing in extra capacity, with new machinery and added resource to cope with the extra demand last year, we will do our utmost to continue to provide them with the level of service and the critical volumes they need to realise their growth plans and keep their businesses moving.

As always, we’ll be maintaining a strong customer focus in the year ahead and working as hard as ever to guarantee the stock availability, dependable service and consistently quick response our customers need to make their businesses a continued success.

We’ve had plenty of practice at overcoming all kinds of challenges in every one of our 35 years. That invaluable experience and resilience ensures our customers can count on us to deliver whatever 2022 has in store!