Warehouse team built to last at Window Ware

20 November 2023

Fab four - Meet some of Window Ware's longest-serving warehouse team members

It was a summer of success and long-service milestones for the warehouse team at Window Ware!

The last quarter turned out to be an auspicious period in many ways for our hard-working warehouse crew, which lies at the heart of our logistical operations at our Bedford HQ.

Not only did they achieve a pick accuracy rate of 99.8% in August and September, but they also celebrated several major long-service awards of two of their senior staff members.

Over the Summer, Window Ware’s senior warehouse team leader, Roy Sturgeon, and senior warehouse operative, Simon Field, celebrated their 25-year and 20-year work anniversaries respectively.

In fact, this seasoned warehouse team has been clocking up some serious milestones recently across the board.

Senior warehouse operative, Paul Catchpole, has been at the company for over 23 years, while goods-in team leader, Neil Rydeheard is just a few months away from hitting his 20-year milestone. Topping the list of long-serving employees is quality controller John D’Amore who has been a part of the Window Ware warehouse team for more than 27 years!

Together, these five warehouse stalwarts create a combined pool of experience of over 100 years!

The team is headed up by our Operations Service Manager, Laura Wren, who herself has been at Window Ware for more than 12 years. She claims: “Warehouses often have high turnovers of staff, but we have a very solid core and that makes us quite a unique warehouse team in that respect.”

Having people on our team with long service, thorough knowledge and well-practiced skills is hugely advantageous in helping us maintain our high standards and gives customers greater reassurance that the right products will reach them in perfect condition, on time, every time.”

Laura adds: “Our experienced team members also make brilliant mentors to support staff inductions. Under their careful guidance, with years’ worth of knowledge and wisdom to share, new warehouse recruits quickly settle in and learn the ropes. This all helps to foster a collective culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and support.”

It is this culture of continuous learning that has helped Window Ware stay ahead of the curve and embrace change during a 3-phase warehouse improvement project last year which saw the addition of extra packing benches and banding machines, plus new racking. The layout and workflows were also optimised, and the warehouse team was expanded. The project was a tremendous success, resulting in better usage of space and a 30% increase in warehouse capacity.

With every change and with each improvement, our customers’ needs are kept firmly front and centre - from the way orders are picked and packed in the warehouse, to the way they are labelled - it is all about making sure parts and packages can be easily identified, referenced, and processed when they arrive with the customer.

Sam Nuckey, Window Ware’s Managing Director, said: “The Warehouse Team really is the backbone of our business. Their unwavering dedication to maintaining accuracy and efficiency is incredible and it has really helped to streamline our  warehouse operations and keep them running like a well-oiled machine!”

Sam adds: “As Window Ware continues to grow and expand its provision, the warehouse team's commitment and expertise will play a pivotal role in catering to the different demands of our ever-evolving customer base. I have no doubt that Laura and her team are up to the task.”

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