Window Ware maintains 100% same day response despite challenges

15 October 2021

Here at Window Ware, we've spent the last 34 years listening closely to our customers and building our products and services around them. This unwavering focus remains as strong then as it is today, and it has helped us to not only maintain our usual high standards of customer care and support through the pandemic, but rather improve them.

The last 18 months have thrown everything from lockdowns and factory closures to resource constraints, and shipping delays at us. Nevertheless, we've maintained our 100% same day response rate and always made sure no customer enquiry went unanswered, despite the surge in demand for our products.

With fenestration firms under more pressure than ever to meet heighten demand for new doors and windows, Window Ware understands that time is of the essence - fabricators and installers simply don’t have the time to wait around for answers. That’s why our sales team has pulled out all the stops to maintain a constant and responsive point of contact for customers by answering calls within 4 rings and responding to emails the same day with the help of a new shared mailbox.

Window Ware MD Sam Nuckey explains, “No matter where our teams are, whether it’s in the office or working from home, they’re still answering over 97% of calls within 10 seconds, and responding to all enquiries the same business day, and that dedication hasn’t changed - no matter what’s been thrown our way.”

“In a nutshell, our customers can count on us for a fast and informed answer.”

But we know that quick response rates alone aren’t enough to delight our customers. It takes attention to every detail and an ever-watchful eye to ensure the best possible customer experience.

“We continuously track a wide range of KPIs to accurately evaluate our customer service and operational performance,” reveals Sam. “Things like order input and pick accuracy, number of back orders, OTIF, response rates and customer happiness all directly affect how customers feel about our service,” says Sam, “and we’ve never stopped monitoring those over the last 18 months and beyond to ensure we’re meeting targets and going the extra mile for them.”

This rigour is undoubtedly paying dividends. According to feedback gained from the 1-click signature surveys sent out with every sales email, customer happiness has remained assuredly high. In fact, the average happiness rating for 2021 is 93.9%, with customers citing “very helpful on the phone”, “fast response” and “always responds to emails to keep me in the picture” as just some of the reasons for their feedback score.

Tony Nelson, Procurement Manager at Dekko Window Systems Ltd agrees the team at Window Ware are doing a sterling job. He says, “Window Ware have been a reliable and supportive supply chain partner to Dekko for many years. More recently during the pandemic, we have been impressed with the business resilience they have built to protect and maintain service continuity to us.  There are very few occasions that they have let us down during this time, which is testament to them, and has been essential for our business during these unprecedented times.”

Every department, from purchasing and warehouse through to sales, support and accounts has gone above and beyond to keep the hardware coming for our customers and maintain a strong OTIF. And while we're not quite back at our pre-COVID +97% level yet, OTIF is recovering steadily. For the last 7 months, around 94% of orders arrived on time and in full. For September, our OTIF hit 96.4% - the highest since the end of lockdown 1.0!

“Given all the challenges we’ve faced in the last 18 months, it would have been all too easy to let our renowned service levels slip,” added Sam. “But that simply wasn’t an option. We know how much our customers depend on our products and services to keep their businesses moving. There’s no way we were going to let them down!  That sense of responsibility continues to be a key driving force for Window Ware, which not only creates a dependable service, but I’d like to think it also makes us a great bunch of people to do business with too.”