Window Ware remains committed to exemplary health and safety record

23 March 2022

Window Ware already has an exemplary record for health & safety and a rigorous approach to minimising H&S risk in the business. Now, through continued investment in H&S training and qualifications, we've taken our efforts to the next level and we're delighted to announce that Rich Fraser, our Business Development Manager for Aluminium and Commercial, has just gained the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health (NEBOSH) General Certificate.

NEBOSH qualifications are widely regarded as the gold standard for health and safety professionals, as well as some of the more challenging awards. Candidates must put in considerable time and effort to cover all the knowledge needed to pass, with a recommended study time of around 125 hours plus extra time spent on revision.

Even though Rich Fraser managed to complete the course in just 12 months, he admits it’s been tough going: “Trying to fit my studies around a full-time job wasn’t easy. I’d be at my desk by 6.30am most days to squeeze in a couple of hours of study before work and hit the books again at the weekend. It helped that everyone at Window Ware has been very supportive.”

Rich’s experience with health and safety in previous roles made him an ideal candidate to sit on our H&S committee when he joined Window Ware over three and a half years ago. As his involvement grew and evolved, Rich felt he needed formal H&S training to support him in his role, so he put himself forward for the NEBOSH course. And Window Ware didn’t hesitate to support him.

Sam Nuckey, Window Ware MD explains, “As a company, we proactively invest in our staff to ensure they have all the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles and keep the whole business operating at the highest level.”

Sam goes on to say, “We take health and safety very seriously. Our commitment to creating a positive H&S culture spans the entire organisation, from the senior managers to the team leaders and colleagues. It’s up to all of us to look out for each other at work and having a NEBOSH certified expert in house is really going to help us maintain and encourage a safety-first, best practice approach in everything we do. Rich is a great asset to the business, and we are extremely proud of his achievement.”