Xpert Advice - Buying from a single source

9 November 2021

With demand for tools and materials still high, and the ongoing supply chain crisis making it harder for trade counters and hardware stores to replenish stocks, finding a reliable hardware supplier has never been more important!

In this blog article, Window Ware Business Development Manager Karl Williamson explains why ordering from a single, multi-brand source like Window Ware could help lighten the load – and how the leading hardware distributor has been able to keep up with its customers’ needs despite the challenges.

When we go for our weekly grocery shop, how many of us choose to visit 10 different shops to buy what we need? I doubt anyone has the time or the inclination for that!

Why in business, then, are we seemingly content to deal with multiple suppliers, juggle several deliveries and wade through all the extra paperwork to procure the necessary goods? Seems crazy doesn’t it?

In today’s busy workplace, surely, it’s better to keep things simple and save on hassle by sticking with a single trusted source for those sought-after hardware and tools?

A one-stop shop

Demand for home improvements has gone through the roof in the last 18 months, putting trade counters and hardware stores under increased pressure to keep their shelves well stocked for customers.

But with material shortages and supply disruptions continuing to hamper vendor ability to replenish fast-moving stocks, unfortunately empty shelves and limited product choice have become all-too-common consequences.

In a bid to track down elusive products, many trade counters will be ordering their hardware from multiple suppliers but, as we already know, this can bring its own problems, such as service and quality inconsistencies, greater risk of delivery delays or inaccuracies, not to mention added expense and extra admin.

At Window Ware, we have made it our mission to be a one-stop shop for all the top-sellers. As one of the UK’s leading independent hardware distributors, we stock a huge range of big brands and well-loved tool names including Stanley, Don Carlos, Kendo, Bahco and Xpert of course, as well as a wide range of silicones and other installation essentials, making it quick and easy for customers to stock up and plug any gaps in their inventory.

A dependable supplier

Even before Brexit or the pandemic, Window Ware had been working hard to increase business resilience, build healthy stock reserves and put a range of new measures in place to ensure customers had continued access to the products and support they needed to meet increased demand and capitalise on the home improvement boom. 

Astute forward planning, advanced procurement and heavy investment in our 5000+ product range has helped to secure essential stock for all the businesses we serve.

An upscaled warehouse function ensures hundreds of orders leave our warehouse every day with 99.3% accuracy and an average On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) score of 94.7% for the last 7 months, jumping up to 96.4% in September! We’re sure it won’t be long before we’re hitting our pre-COVID delivery service level of +97%.

We have also continued to hit our daily KPIs in each department, meaning 97% of calls are answered in 10 seconds or less, all email enquiries receive a same-business-day response and the average customer happiness rating for this year has remained high at 93.9%.

At Window Ware, our goal has always been to deliver great service and get the goods out to the customer exactly when and where they need them – doesn’t matter if that customer is a fabricator, installer or locksmith buying for upcoming jobs, or a trade counter or hardware store trying to keep their shelves stocked.

With so much in the news about supply shortages, reduced choice and empty shelves across every sector, and no signs of demand slowing down yet, you can rest assured Window Ware has got you covered!