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7 April 2022

As of 15th June 2022, the technical guidance on ventilation requirements for new homes and properties in England and Wales, as well as existing ones, is changing thanks to revisions to Part F of Building Regulations.

In advance of the new regulations, Window Ware will have everything in place to help customers successfully navigate the changes.

Commercial Director Richard Bryant says: “I think it’s fair to say that trickle vents have always been a somewhat divisive product, but whether you love or hate the look of them, most people can’t deny there are obvious benefits to having well-ventilated buildings.”

“One thing is certain though: As the government continues to set out proposals on its Future Homes and Buildings Standard, more changes are inevitable. The real crunch time could be in 2025 when significant new rules will come into effect to reduce carbon emissions, and as an industry, we need to be ready to respond accordingly.”

“Here at Window Ware, we have always made sure our customers are furnished with the very latest guidance on regulations. It’s important that fabricators and installers know exactly what the updates to Part F mean for both them and their customers going forward.”

What the changes to Part F of Building Regulations mean…

The new-build sector has been routinely meeting ventilation requirements and fitting trickle vents for over 20 years now, so these new rules just build on what they’ve been doing all along. In simple terms, the revised standard for houses in England and Wales calls for greater airflow, with the requirement for airflow in habitable rooms increasing from 5000mm2 EA to 8000mm2 EA.

The refurbishment market will see the greatest change. At the moment, customers can choose if they want trickle vents fitted on their replacement windows if ventilation is not already present.  Under the new rules, however, vents must be fitted as standard.

More specifically, if there are already vents fitted on the original windows, then you can fit the same sized vents on the new windows. For example, 2500mm2 EA vents can be replaced with 2500mm2 EA vents or higher. Just remember that the airflow cannot be decreased.

If the existing windows do not have vents, then the replacement windows must have vents fitted to meet the requirements of the revised Approved Document F.  For houses in England and Wales, that means a minimum airflow of 8000mm2 EA in habitable rooms and 4000mm2 EA in non-habitable rooms.

What effect will they have?

As with any new regulations, the future Part F ventilation requirements will pose some challenges for the industry,  

For fabricators, having to fit trickle vents in all windows and doors will no doubt present some practical problems, namely around how they incorporate them into their standard production processes. This will undoubtedly add to the manufacturing time, cost and selling price of the finished product.

Installers and retailers will need to be able to explain to the end user why vents must be fitted and be wary of anyone willing to flout the new requirement as this will invalidate any installation certificate right away!

No worries with Window Ware

Window Ware’s extensive range of vents, developed by some of the biggest names in ventilation hardware such as RW Simon, Greenwood and Glazpart, means they are well placed to provide customers with the right ventilation solution.

Richard confirms, “The whole team at Window Ware, together with our supply partners, have been on it from the word go. In fact, new vent options and variants are already under development and due to hit our shelves over the coming months.”

“From 15th June 2022, vent requirements will increase and buying habits will change, and everyone - from the architects and hardware suppliers to the fabricators and fitters - will need to toe the line. Rest assured, though, Window Ware and its brand partners will be there to support you with an evolving product range and expert advice to help you take the new regulations all in your stride.”

To this end, Window Ware has created a pair of useful summary documents which outline the key changes to Part F (ventilation) of Building Regulations for both new builds and refurbishments. They’re freely available to download now at

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