MACO Lift & Slide door hardware now available at Window Ware

8 November 2023

With today’s architects and homeowners dreaming bigger than ever when it comes to sliding doors, Window Ware has made sure it’s ready to help fabricators meet this upsized trend with a new range of Lift and Slide door gearing from master hardware manufacturers, MACO.  

In stock and available now, this new Lift and Slide solution offers a complete set of the highest quality hardware for lift and slide doors, encompassing drive gear, rollers, tracks, door handles and full accessories.

MACO’s class-leading system has been specifically tested on the Sheerline Lift & Slide aluminium system, with the capacity to easily accommodate large format doors measuring well over 3 metres in height and weighing up to 400kg, while still maintaining that all-important quiet, smooth, and effortless operation.

What really sets the MACO Lift and Slide solution apart, is it’s concealed steel hook drive gear, which replaces the usual conspicuous locking bolts with revolutionary retractable locking hooks that only emerge to pull the sash to the frame when the door is closed.

This means there are no protruding locking parts when the door is open and nothing to interrupt the view or spoil the beautiful slim sightlines which make Lift and Slide doors so desirable in modern light-loving, open plan building design.

The benefits of this hook technology are functional as well as aesthetic.  Lock engagement is quieter, smoother and achieves optimal sealing between the sash and frame when the door is closed. Plus, because the locking parts are safely tucked away whenever the door is open, there is less chance of injury too.

The smooth, silent-action running, and effortless operation is further enhanced by lift- and drop-assist gear dampers, as well as brushes built into each roller that sweep the track clean with every motion.

Window Ware’s Product Manager, Rob Vaughan, explains: “The MACO Lift and Slide Solution is a valuable addition to our sliding hardware range, offering customers a high-quality, robust system with a new and improved take on the traditional locking mechanism. The result is an altogether neater, completely flush finish, offering adjustable, high-performance compression for the best possible weather seal.”

“Our current offering is fully specified for use with the new Sheerline lift and slide system on door schemes A, C, D & E, which means customers can count on full compliance with current system testing and certification.”

“We will be looking to increase our offering over the next few months, with support for additional profile systems, so watch this space!”

Browse our range of MACO Lift and Slide door hardware here.

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