True Colours

7 April 2022

Over the last decade at least, there has been plenty of talk about the growth of colour in the door and window market, but insights from Window Ware's 2021 sales suggest that, when it comes to staples like espag window handles, trickle vents and silicone at least, white is still holding its own in the popularity stakes.

2021 turned out to be a bumper year for us. At its peak, hardware and essential fenestration consumables such as silicone and adhesives were literally flying off the shelves! This increased demand has resulted in more sales data than ever and some useful insights into the current take-up of colour among the wide cross section of fabricators and installers that Window Ware serves.  

Here’s what Window Ware’s 2021 top-sellers have revealed about the colour buying trends of their customers:

White still wins out

Even though Window Ware stocks a larger-than-ever range of coloured silicones, including Irish Oak, basalt grey and cream, white silicone was still the most popular choice last year.  In fact, it accounted for a little over 41% of their annual silicone sales, only beating clear sealant to the top spot by a mere 0.16%. Together, they made up almost 82% of all 2021 silicone sales. Coming in third and fourth place were grey and brown silicone respectively, with all other silicone finishes constituting just 3.2% of sales.

Silicone wasn’t the only product where white still reigned supreme in 2021; white trickle vents were also the biggest sellers for Window Ware, followed next by grey vents. That result probably comes as no surprise given the recent resurgence of aluminium windows or the continued popularity of anthracite uPVC casements among fabricators and consumers.

Likewise, sales of espagnolette window handles proved to be equally monochromatic last year, with the ubiquitous white handle still topping the bill, followed by black and then chrome.

Even with heritage window furniture such as Regal Hardware’s top-selling monkey tail and pear drop heritage handles, Window Ware’s 2021 sales show an inclination towards the most traditional aesthetic, with black the standout winner out of 9 possible finishes, followed by satin chrome, then pewter patina.

Making sense of top-sellers

“We closely monitor the market all the time to see what’s selling and reassess our offering accordingly,” explains Window Ware’s Product Manager Robert Vaughan. “It’s how we ensure we’re constantly giving our customers the products and the critical volumes they need.”

“Use of the standard white espag window handle still remains strong because it has wide appeal and works with the white casements commonly specified in volume by the new build sector. It follows then, that there continues to be high demand for matching white silicone. Similarly, clear silicone lends itself to a wide range of installations, so it’s a great stand-by to keep on the van for well-prepared installers who want to be ready for every eventuality.”

Rob goes on to say, “In the replacement window market, homeowners call the shots. They don’t necessarily want run-of-the mill, often choosing to express their own unique tastes with coloured profile systems and more distinctive hardware finishes.”

“As for the take-up of our heritage window handle, black will always be a best seller because it most closely replicates the traditional old cottage look. Nevertheless, the market has responded well to the full range of 9 finishes on offer with the Regal Hardware product line.”

“These sales insights play a critical role in helping us to really hone our offering,” confirms Rob, “but alongside bread-and-butter products like white silicone and white or chrome espag handles, we will always strive to support our fabricators and installers with a comprehensive choice of products and the supply flexibility they need to meet varying customer demand.”