Window Ware's Delta door hinge is a fabricator favourite

20 December 2023

From its competitive price tag and strong technical performance to its fabricator-friendly design and versatile choice of seven standard finishes, fabricators are loving everything about Window Ware’s hard-working Delta security door hinge.

This enthusiastic fan base comes as no surprise to us given the hinge’s well thought out, feature-rich design. A solid and clever construction not only minimises the likelihood of dropping and allows simple and precise 3D adjustment but also achieves class-leading performance for fewer call backs and happy customers.

The Delta hinge has been endurance tested to 100,000 cycles, load tested to 100kg on three hinges and corrosion tested to BS EN 1670: 2002 Grade 5 (480hrs NSST) on all finishes except satin which achieves Grade 4 (240hrs NSST). Security performance is also assured as the Delta hinge is designed to meet the requirements of PAS 24 when fitted as part of a door set, featuring a hinge pin security screw that is only accessible when the door is in the open position. Hinge and sash covers help to protect against manipulation and hide any fixing, while colour-matched cover caps ensure a seamless, solid, and polished finish.

No detail has been overlooked and even the packaging has been designed with speed and ease of fabrication in mind. The hinges are supplied in boxes of 12. Each hinge is supplied in 5 parts which are neatly arranged in four separate recycled cardboard trays to make picking and assembly as quick and simple as possible.

Richard Bryant, Window Ware’s Commercial Director adds, “The Delta door hinge really is the complete package. Fabricators love it because it goes on the door easily and helps reduce assembly time. Installers love it because of its clean lines and neat appearance, with simple adjustment if required.”

Stuart Harmes, owner of Suffolk-based door and window manufacturer, Wiki Windows Ltd switched over to the Delta hinge recently and he’s already sold. He claims, “I’ve been in the industry 34 years, and in that time, it’s fair to say I’ve used quite a few different hinges.  In my opinion, Delta is the best!”

Stuart adds, “As a local firm, we work extremely hard to build a first-class reputation in the region. So, the last thing we need is faulty or failed parts denting our good name. I can confidently say I’ve never had a single customer complaint or issue reported with the Delta hinge. It’s a big hit with the lads in the factory too because it makes their job a little bit easier, so it’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned.”

It’s a similar story for another Window Ware customer, Express Trade Frames (ETF), who supply and fabricate windows and doors across the Northwest. “We started using the Delta Hinge earlier this year and we’ve never looked back!” explains ETF Managing Director, Scott Law. “First-rate components like this ultimately contribute to a high-quality end product with a long lifespan, which is precisely what we aim to deliver for our valued customers.”

The Delta hinge is currently available from Window Ware to support many common profile systems in seven highly usable finishes designed to work with a wide range of different door furniture including, white, satin silver, chrome, anthracite grey, brown, black and PVD gold.

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