Regal Hardware is still hitting the mark

11 March 2024

As the country’s love affair with flush sash continues and demand for premium products remains strong, Window Ware is delighted to report that our Regal Hardware range is still delivering the goods for fabricators across the country. Our Product Manager, Rob Vaughan, explains...

Back when we first launched our Regal Hardware range in 2018, it was hugely successful. That’s because it offered fabricators precisely what they needed: authentic period-style premium hardware that looked the part on desirable flush sash systems, offered homeowners the wider choice they were after and could be sourced reliably to support production schedules and meet rising demand.  

Fast forward to today, and even though the PVCu market has dipped slightly, demand for flush sash products is still managing to hold its own. While lower-income households continue to tighten their belts, there is still a sizeable pool of people willing and able to invest in high-end products, such as flush sash doors and windows, to enhance their homes.  And Regal’s unique selling points of authentic aesthetics, quality construction and easy accessibility continue to drive sales and make it a top choice with fabricators working to deliver what the market wants.

Consistent demand

Our latest reports show that sales of our Regal Hardware range have held up well against the current market slowdown.

Indeed, everything about the Regal Hardware range is still attracting a lot of attention from our customers. Last year, the Regal Hardware brochure was downloaded from our website 16,359 times, making it our top download of 2023!

As well as the brochure, our Regal Hardware sample display boards have proven extremely popular too. They make an effective sales tool both in the showroom and out on the road and give prospective clients the opportunity to try the handles before they buy.

This is just a fraction of the Regal marketing support available from Window Ware. Door and window specialists can choose from a wide range of eye-catching brochures, fliers, high-res imagery and pop-up display stands to help them persuade and engage with potential buyers.

Suite to a tee

Our fabricators and installers love the fact that Regal Hardware is a complete suite of fully coordinated furniture.

This means they can reliably source a full set of heritage window handles and butt hinges, pegs and stays, as well as door handles - all guaranteed to match, with no gaps to fill and no missing parts to find – from a single, trusted source. This not only saves them time and effort when sourcing components, but also ensures consistency in design, construction and appearance across their finished products. So, when homeowners want matching doors and windows, our fabricators and installers can always deliver.

Timeless appeal

Regal Hardware achieves the perfect combination of modern functionality and nostalgic style, which works beautifully in contemporary homes and period properties alike.

Both the door and window handles, as well as the casement stays come in two different designs: classic monkey tail and last year’s top-seller, pear drop.

A choice of nine finishes lets fabricators satisfy most tastes and fulfil a broad spectrum of design briefs, though when it comes to market colour preferences, it seems homeowners are traditionalists at heart. Classic black finish has always been popular and last year, it was still the best-selling option in both the Regal Hardware door and window handles. In fact, the black monkey tail window handle remains our biggest selling Regal item year on year. In the last 12 months, however, we have seen greater adoption of satin chrome, pewter patina and antique bronze across the range.

Universal usage

Flexible application is also key to Regal Hardware’s continuing popularity. With both the window and door handles, fabricators can choose their preferred screw and spindle packs depending on which profile system they’re using. There are three different spindle sizes available for the window handle, and standard and longer length fittings for the door handle, giving fabricators flexible hardware upgrade options capable of supporting many of the most prominent PVCu, composite or timber systems.

The full package

When you factor in Window Ware’s award-winning service and support, and dependable UK next-day delivery on all stocked items, it’s easy to see why Regal Hardware is still ticking all the right boxes.

For more information about Regal Hardware, call 01234 242 724, email [email protected], or visit to learn more and browse the Regal Hardware range.

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